Product Information

Our newest product. The Hunter's Eye.

Have you wanted to record your hunts but are not willing to spend another $200 for a dedicated gun cam when you already have an action camera? This is why we have engineered and manufactured this product! With the ability to mount your action camera to the end of your shotgun's mag tube, you too can record your hunts from your POV. It also is helpful for aim training! With the ability to rewatch your shot placement on clay pigeons or in the field. If you're interested, click here to go to the store page.

Compatibility: MOST shotguns with a flush fore grip and mag tube cap.

Confirmed Fit:

Beretta A300 and 391 xtrema

Browning silver, gold, bps

CZ 712

Mosberg 500

Remington 870, 1187, and 1100

Stevens 320

Winchester SXP

Weatherby PA-08

And more.

Manufactured and assembled in Minnesota!